CornerStone Services helps our clients achieve tangible business results through improved performance and productivity of their people. We provide learning and development in two distinct areas through proven and effective content, processes, systems and tools that deliver superior business results tailored to your unique business strategies, market situations, and resources.

Leadership Effectiveness
Imagine promoting your highest performer into management and finding, after his or her first few months, productivity is down 15 percent and morale is plummeting. Your highest-potential talent may not always have leadership capabilities, and those who do, may not have been properly prepared for a leadership role. We offer workshops, books, evaluation and behavioral assessment tools that provide a systematic approach to identifying and developing leadership candidates as well as coaching for experienced leaders. Learn More>>>

Sales Effectiveness
Customer expectations, knowledge, and demands are significantly different today than even five years ago. Navigating the complex sale grows more and more challenging. Newer and stronger competitors are everywhere, relentlessly raising performance standards. CornerStone Services offers strategies, processes and tools that employ an Influential Advisor approach to improve results and skills of your sales force and provide a competitive advantage and key differentiators in the marketplace to win business and attract and retain sales talent.

We recognize that many of the concepts discussed in CornerStone’s books and workshops involve changing behavior to drive business results. Company principals and authors combine their diverse industry knowledge, unique business skills and subject matter expertise to help clients implement specific processes and tools to facilitate behavior change and drive business results to deliver measurable economic impact. This practical approach helps our customers become more profitable by developing exceptional leaders, incorporating leading edge concepts, implementing best-of-class practices and employing practical tools built around proven principles of leadership and sales effectiveness.
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Our Principals
CornerStone Services’ principals are its founders, Ken Carnes, Steve Krause and John Scammon. These three business leaders bring diverse industry knowledge, unique business skills and extraordinary subject matter expertise to the company and its clients. More info>>>

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