Leadership Effectiveness
Everything begins and ends with leadership. Therefore it’s critical to develop outstanding leaders who achieve desired behaviors and results from their teams through effective mentoring, coaching and leadership. Our Executive and Leadership Coaching programs enable development and promote excellence and results throughout your company. Built around the concepts, processes and tools introduced in CornerStone books and workshops, our programs are very tactical and involve lots of role play, allowing participants to succeed or fail in a safe environment.

Succession Planning & Development
Is your organization identifying and developing future leaders? Do you have a succession plan? If so, is your plan simply a list of potential candidates on an org chart? CornerStone Services employs a two-phase process to help our clients develop People, Process and Tools to effectively lead the organization today and in the future.

Sales Force Effectiveness
What organization today couldn’t benefit from a more effective sales force? CornerStone Services is a leader in creating and delivering world class sales effectiveness programs. We’ve learned success requires an integrated and balanced approach in several areas of the Sales Eco-System. Our approach focuses on implementing the concepts introduced in Ken Carnes’ book Influential Selling and reinforced in our popular workshops and consulting services coupled with a certification process to ensure sales organizations understand, adopt and execute against the principles of Influential Selling.  Visit the our blog for more information at http://cornerstoneservices.wordpress.com.

Stick with It 1-on-1 Execution Consulting
Senior executives predict that “very effective” strategy execution would likely improve operating profits by an average of 30 percent over two years. We provide specific tools and solutions to help you drive results.