Senior executives predict that “very effective” strategy execution would likely improve operating profits by an average of 30 percent over two years.

A lot has changed over time, but one thing hasn’t: Sticking with it is still the biggest factor for winning in business and in life. But let’s face it... it’s tough to stick with anything in today’s environment, yet that is precisely the reason why adhering to your strategy is vitally important to long-term success. Leaders at all levels experience challenges executing their plans. Why? Because... 

  • Leaders are trained to plan rather than to execute;
  • Execution requires more people than strategy formulation does – it’s a team-wide effort;
  • Execution requires more time than strategy formulation. Developing strategy is an event, but execution is a process.

Stick with It 1-on-1 Execution Consulting is based on Stick with It: Mastering the Art of Adherence, co-authored by practical management thinker and bestselling leadership author, Lee J. Colan, Ph.D.

We provide specific tools and solutions to help you drive results.

1-on-1 Execution Consulting is designed to help leaders boost personal, team and business effectiveness. This individualized process is aligned with the field-tested, real-world-validated Adherence equation:

Personal and team clarity. Sharpening focus answers the “what” question – What do you need to do
(and not do) to execute your strategy?

Talent, Systems and Accountability to build capability and scalable capacity. Building competence
answers the “how” question – How will you execute your strategy?

Communication and Connections. Igniting passion answers the “why” question – Why are you executing
your strategy?

This 12-session 1-on-1 consulting process boosts strategy execution because it helps leaders stick with it long enough to succeed. Our executive advisors provide actionable insights and skillfully help leaders apply our practical tools to drive measurable personal and team results.

To get started, take this FREE, 4-minute Adherence Assessment. Send your Adherence Assessment feedback email to, and we will schedule a complimentary call to personally review your results and provide action steps to boost your adherence ... and your results.

See a detailed listing of the 12 sessions here.