What organization today couldn’t benefit from a more effective sales force? CornerStone Services is a leader in creating and delivering world class sales effectiveness programs. We’ve learned success requires an integrated and balanced approach in several areas of the Sales Eco-System. Our approach focuses on implementing the concepts introduced in Ken Carnes’ book Influential Selling and reinforced in our popular workshops and consulting services coupled with a certification process to ensure sales organizations understand, adopt and execute against the principles of Influential Selling.  Visit the our blog for more information at http://cornerstoneservices.wordpress.com.

Influential Selling Framework
We provide our clients with the framework to become Influential Advisors, the steps, stages, activities and probabilities to facilitate more accurate forecasting and structure. This enables more effective coaching of sales reps by sales managers through the entire sales process quickly and efficiently. We also map other sales support resources and tools into this framework for companies that employ TEAM selling.

Executive Language/Sales Messaging
Can your sales force communicate a clear, crisp, relevant and compelling message to senior-level decision makers? We help clients develop sales messaging that generates interest, establishes credibility and positions your team as Influential Advisors, separating them from the traditional salesperson and creating a competitive advantage. By focusing on the business issues, economic impact and your solution value your sales force will differentiate itself in today’s dynamic and competitive selling arena.

Whiteboard Capabilities Presentation
Do your prospect’s eyes glaze over after the 82nd slide from your capabilities presentation? Do your sales reps say “stop me when you see something that interests you in our presentation?” We help clients create simple and effective whiteboard capabilities presentations to promote interest, interaction and discussion. These presentations set your sales force apart from the pack, communicating a clear and compelling message, establishing influence, thought leadership and credibility. Our clients are able to effectively position themselves and their offering, communicate what they do, how they do it, what business value they create for their clients and how they engage to drive business success.

Account Planning – Strategy Development
Most sales organizations do an effective job of opportunity planning or pipeline management but few step back and look at accounts holistically for successful account management. We help clients establish a simple and efficient process for account and territory planning AND strategy development. We help them take inventory of current opportunities, establish account potential, develop targeted messaging, align their sales strategy with client initiatives and create client relationship development and communication plans to take the business to a higher level. The results our clients achieve suggest that more sales organizations should focus in this area to harvest existing accounts to their full potential.

Sales Tools and Coaching
Our Sales Eco-System diagnostic assessment determines the performance, productivity, talent and behavioral gaps to becoming an Influential Selling organization. We coach sales leaders to be effective coaches, certify sales teams and create a high performance winning sales culture. We also provide writing and graphics services for white papers, case studies and presentations to develop selling Influence and help companies develop ROI calculators to determine the economic impact of their value propositions.


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