Is your organization identifying and developing future leaders? Do you have a succession plan? If so, is your plan simply a list of potential candidates on an org chart? CornerStone Services employs a two-phase process to help our clients develop People, Process and Tools to effectively lead the organization today and in the future.
Planning Phase:

Step one is to build a succession plan. The goal is to clearly identify the skills and behaviors deemed necessary for tomorrow’s leaders to take the organization to the next level. During the planning phase we:

  • Create a Competency Model (what are the competencies that the organization values and are necessary to take us to the next level?)
  • Build a Succession Dashboard: Suitability and Eligibility Assessment: Readiness, Results, Performance (How do my existing leaders and my high potential employees measure up to competencies?)
  • Map Current Employees to Competencies (what is our inventory and state of readiness?)


Development Phase:
However , planning alone isn’t enough. If you stop there what have you really accomplished? The real value of succession planning comes during the development phase. During this phase we implement the individual development plans and apply the measurement criteria created during the planning phase. The process relies heavily on one-on-one executive coaching with a goal to prepare each future leader of the company for the role and responsibilities for which they have been identified as a succession candidate.

  • Implement a Development Framework (what are our strengths, weaknesses and where are the holes?)
  • Create Development Plans and Identify Coaching Opportunities (what are our action plans to prepare our high potential employees for succession and success?)
  • Identify Measurement Criteria (what are the milestones, timetables and success factors?)
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