The Three Phases of Behavior Change
Most of us have been involved in an effort to change someone’s behavior at one time or another during our careers.  However, research indicates that an estimated 70% of all efforts to change behavior in the workplace fail.  So what goes wrong? Full PDF Version>>>

Your Responses Shape Your Team’s Performance
The way you respond to your team’s or your individual direct reports’ accomplishments, actions and behaviors has a dramatic impact on their future performance.  A positive response that reinforces desired behavior or results provides an incentive for people to continue the behavior and to deliver similar results.   However, an inadvertent or unintentional response from you can have a substantial negative impact... Full PDF Version>>>

Making an Effective Presentation  
Public speaking is one of the most feared activities people engage in.  However, everyone in the business world eventually finds it necessary to make a presentation.  Next to good solid content preparation is perhaps the most important aspect of a successful presentation.  Answer the following questions as you prepare for your next presentation. .
 Full PDF Version>>>

Sales Effectiveness...shortening the sales cycle
Reducing the time to close a deal is certainly top of mind for any sales executive and has a huge impact not only on the success of the business, but also on the organization's ability to develop what is commonly described as a high performance sales culture: one of winning, confidence and efficiency. Here are five ways to affect the sales culture in a positive way by reducing the time it takes to sell a product or a service. Full PDF Version>>>

How to Identify, Develop and Retain Your High Potential Employees
Employers in the United States are on the verge of facing a severe and extended shortage of skilled workers. The U.S jobless rate hit a four-year low of 4.9 percent in August, 2005. Full PDF Version>>>

Sales Talent: Shifting the Performance Curve
Achieving tangible business results through the performance and productivity of people (especially salespeople) can be very difficult. Full PDF Version>>>

Sales effectiveness... why a sales "culture" is critical for success
Many companies still adhere to the "pay myth" that holds that pay is the cornerstone for managing sales performance. Full PDF Version>>>

Leadership Development – A Framework for Success
An estimated 40% of all managers fail within their first 18 months on the job... the root of this problem is a lack of knowledge, preparation and understanding about how to lead others. Full PDF Version>>>

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