Developing a Winning Sales Culture
Our client’s Issue: A $1 billion information management services company needed to upgrade its sales force to maintain its leadership position in a changing marketplace. Full PDF Version>>>

TEAM Selling
Our client’s Issue: A $30 MM chemical management services company wanted to expand existing relationships with major customers and stimulate multi-service contracts with new customers to increase total contract value and profit per customer. Full PDF Version>>>

Business Turnaround
Our client’s issue: Financial instability, high turnover rate and low morale. They wanted to focus their business turnaround on developing their leaders and future leaders; creating a culture of empowerment and coaching. Full PDF Version>>>

Leadership Transformation
Our client’s issue: Founder/CEO having difficulty handing over daily operations to professional management team, resulting in micro-management from the very top, not growing capability and capacity among senior leaders, difficulty hiring and retaining top talent. Full PDF Version>>>

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