CornerStone Services helps its clients achieve tangible business results through improved performance and productivity of its people. We believe in “Shifting the Performance Curve” of your people to drive business results. Most companies have a predictable distribution of human capital performance. Typically between 5% and 10% are star performers and 5% to 10% are fallings stars. The fact is between 80% and 90% are middle performers, or middle stars. They represent the largest group and the most effective way to drive change and significant results quickly. We help our clients develop strategies and implement practical solutions with measurable business outcomes within each of these three segments. Our approach is to shift the performance curve through two practice areas:


Our Leadership and Coaching programs enable development and promote excellence and results throughout your company. We utilize a four-phase approach to information transfer, learning and reinforcement. Each participant is exposed to books, foundational workshop, webinars, behavior and skill-based assessment tools with exercises. A CornerStone Exective Coach reviews results, insights, completed exercises and development plans. Additionally each participant is provided continuous support tools and materials that help provide a basis for long term success and behavior change. Learn More>>>

We begin by aligning with the goals and objectives of our clients. Then we conduct behavior and skill assessments to illuminate areas of strengths and opportunity. A firm foundation is established with our books, workshops and learning sessions. Our jointly developed plan is implemented, reinforced and coached by our Executive Coaches through our programs and consulting services. The desired behavior is cascaded throughout a company enabling a cultural shift that achieves high performance and tangible business results.


CornerStone Services has substantial experience in creating and delivering world class sales effectiveness programs. We take a balanced approach in several areas of the Sales Eco-System. Our approach focuses on implementing the concepts introduced in Ken Carnes’ book Influential Selling and reinforced in our popular workshops and consulting services coupled with a certification process to ensure sales organizations understand, adopt and execute against the principles of Influential Selling. Learn More>>>


Leadership and Coaching
Everything begins and ends with leadership. Therefore it’s critical to develop outstanding sales leaders who achieve desired behaviors and results from their teams through effective strategizing, coaching and leadership. It means leading all of the time, managing with less of your time and coaching all of the time.

We help clients assess talent with assessment tools, both behavioral and skill-based. We focus development efforts on high performers and cascade learning throughout the organization quickly to produce results within a few short months. We can define skill gaps by up-skilling with targeted workshops and learning sessions then evaluate progress to cement understanding. We evaluate the effectiveness based on business outcomes … not inconsequential metrics like attendance or knowledge testing.

Sales Process- TEAM Selling
In addition to providing our clients with the steps of a sales process, we go well beyond by providing the stages and activities to facilitate more accurate forecasting and structure. This enables more effective coaching of sales reps by sales managers through the sales process more quickly and efficiently. We map other sales support resources into this process for TEAM selling … when and where to engage and disengage other resources in and out of your selling methodology.

Process, Systems and Tools
Selling is both an art and science … with an integrated approach to process, system and tools the complex and dynamic environment of selling can be greatly simplified. Quick-hit deliverables like sharing best practices, configuring your CRM/SFA systems to support account planning, pipeline/forecasting and client development, and providing templates and sales messaging to leverage your sales talent are key.

Value Proposition and Sales Strategy
We help clients communicate a clear and relevant Value Proposition within compelling capabilities presentations using the whiteboard. We advise clients on Influential Selling approaches that align with buyers’ strategic initiatives, make use of case studies, account planning and strategy sessions, and produce business cases that focus on economic value.

Company Culture
Developing a high performance winning sales culture is a must for companies who really want to see a performance payoff. Our integrated approach to doing so includes tangible deliverables and measurable economic impact through: increased sales pipeline, improved close rate, shortened sales cycles and induction of new hires, and reduced non-selling time resulting in significant overall sales productivity improvements, all supported by a sales/leadership coaching program.

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