In today’s competitive business environment it is imperative for all types of businesses to attract, develop and retain effective leaders, sales professionals and high potential individual contributors. These same businesses must create winning leadership and sales cultures. In our view these two activities are inextricably intertwined. The concepts found in CornerStone’s many books and workshops connect these disciplines together. We believe that a leader’s job is to raise the level of performance for long term sustained success. This requires establishing a culture of high performance, a code of behavior that must be followed, modeled and coached. All this requires developing skills, processes, tools, behaviors, trust, integrity and courage on the leader’s part to do the right thing, create a high performance culture and treat each person on the team with dignity and respect.

Inspire, Enable, Support and Accelerate Excellence!

We accelerate excellence with a phased approach to information transfer, learning, reinforcement and certification. Our approach is simple; our books Inspire individuals, our workshops Enable continuous learning, our assessment tools Support development and our consulting services and coaching Accelerate the application and implementation of concepts, processes and tools leading to a higher level of development, results and Excellence.
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