2009 Testimonials

"I am such a big believer in this [coaching] process. I can point to my own personal experience when Ken suggested my 360 results conveyed that my peers wanted more from me. That epiphany has given me in the courage to offer more, work harder and challenge myself and the organization."

Mohamed VP Marketing

"Sometime during the call I realized that although I was going to leave the call with some to-dos, what Steve and CornerStone was offering me was some processes to coach my team with more efficiency and with better results. I believe as we grow our teams and take on additional responsibility this will be critical. "

Joe - Area Sales Director

"Hey coach, maybe that coaching of yours is starting to work - here is some feedback from two 20 plus year employees - this is when it's worth all the effort for building something special towards the future. Thanks again for all the help, coaching and friendship!"

Scott, CEO

"Great stuff…this and your advice this afternoon is a real wake up call to be more diligent in growing our perspectives through reading, research, etc. Thanks."

Mark VP Operations

"I always enjoy our conversations too!!! I just had lunch with Denise and Cathy and we were talking about our coaches and how you have become such a valuable tool and resource for us. Thank you for that!!!"

Sonya, Senior Director

"Thanks for the guidance. I loosely followed the 1-10 Talk Track with Brandi when we met and it was a constructive conversation."

Mark VP Operations

"It appears that we are making good progress in getting Sonya jazzed about her role. Thanks again for the note and thanks for helping with Sonya’s perspective."

Mark VP Operations

"This process has been great for Anthony I told him our idea was for him to continue the coaching with John IF he was achieving results. Anthony said John is still helping him achieve his development goals. Thank you."


"I wanted to thank you for helping me develop new coaching skills over the last few months. I have used the coaching/questioning skills very effectively three times in the last week and have gotten great feedback about it. This afternoon, LaShawn asked me how to present a concept to the other practice directors. I love having these new tools in my toolbox!"

Best Regards, Paula Practice Leader, Human Capital

"Consistently you have been very helpful. You were flexible as my challenges evolved. I so appreciate you came up with multiple solutions and ideas based upon what I needed. Chris you went above and beyond and I would not hesitate to recommend you. As a matter of fact I already have. Thank you - it has been a great learning experience.”

Kathey Account Director

FYI. I really enjoyed our session last week. Ken is a great speaker and it fueled a bunch of ideas in my head on things I can do as a manager. I’m excited."


"Thanks so much Ray, I sincerely appreciate your help. David and I would not be where we are today without your help. Thanks again."

Linda SVP Sales

"This was a real hit and I appreciate your help getting this off the ground in such short notice…You guys walk the talk! The message works with where we are as a company and how I have the sales team aligned. Let’s plan some additional help in the 2010 year. Please pass a big thank you to Ken! I look forward to meeting you guys in person!!!!!! …all the best…"

Frank VP Sales

"Thank you very much for your thoughts. Our discussions are more valuable to me than you could imagine. Time for me to move my performance to the next level..."


"Thanks for the coaching and mentoring in this Sales Certification process. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone and was a learning experience. Once the presentation was complete I had a real sense of self satisfaction and pride!"

Johnna Regional Manager

"Thanks for all of your help. I thought you did a fine job yesterday keeping it real. I personally took away some new ideas and will definitely be sharing with our team as we continue coaching."

Tom VP Sales

"Thanks for your help as a coach Steve. I needed the coaching to become a better communicator etc. You have helped me tremendously in the short time we have spent together. Thanks for that."

Dante’ Region Manager

"I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help and advice. I have learned a lot from you and appreciate the positive along with the negative. I can’t begin to tell you how much you have helped me both personally and professionally. I sincerely appreciate the support and guidance. I have learned a lot from you, it will make me a better Manager in the Future."

Jeff Region Manager

"I don’t know if Tom told you about the change or not? But I would love to talk to you about my promotion if you have time. I wanted to thank you for all your coaching and guidance that you gave me and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it. Thank you!"

Bob Sales Account Manager

“Thank you for all the positive support, life lessons shared, and coaching; I continue successfully employing leadership practices from our discussions.”

Vicki, Operations Manager

“I appreciate the universal applicability of the coaching and positive encouragement I received from CornerStone; today I connect with my team more effectively and use the Ask vs. Tell coaching model you helped me with.”

Bill, VP Operations

“The process helped us clarify career planning and goal setting for our team. It also helped us retain an inside rep who resigned. The manager referred to the rep’s goal planner and provided feedback that reinforced their current development track was better than the opportunity that they were being offered. The rep elected to stay and was grateful for the approach the manager took. This process delivers ROI.”

Chris, VP Sales

“Thank you again for helping me through the transition to my new role; your coaching and follow up from our discussions helped me stay on track and become effective much faster as a result.”

Amy, Legal Manager

“The assessment feedback and your coaching helped me put my arms around areas of strength to leverage and improve. You held me accountable to progress and changed my attitude and approach to leadership. Not only have I seen real change but so has my team.  It really has made a difference….thank you!”

Mary, Systems Support Leader

“The sales effectiveness initiatives CornerStone provided us; sales messaging, certification of our capabilities presentation, account planning and strategy along with ongoing education on becoming an Influential Advisor helped contribute to a record year in our 28-year company history. Our business plan was set at 8% growth; we attained a 14% growth for our fiscal year.”

John, CEO and Scott, EVP Sales and Marketing

"CornerStone has been a key partner in our Human Capital Management initiative that played a big part of our company turnaround. Not only has our company gone from unprofitable to profitable but our employee engagement from 60 to 92% and employee attrition from 52.4% to 13.8% in three years."

Bridget, Human Resource

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